At Franky Films, we are driven by passion to create beauty, art, and inspiring imagery through film.

As a film production company, we specialize in narrative film and corporate video advertising. Our team of artists collaborate seamlessly to create stunning imagery and unforgettable films.

Dear Artists,
We always welcome writers, performers, and visionaries to collaborate with us in fiction, documentary, and experimental fields. In producing shorts, features, web-series' and music videos, our artistry thrives on bringing your art to life on film.

Dear Clients,
As experienced professionals with a modern edge, we produce superb quality videos for our corporate clients. We understand the critical importance of making your product and your company look its absolute best.

We cater to clients who expect a stylish, cinematic, and expressive quality for their videos. Working closely with our clients, we help determine the best way to highlight their product. The result is a video that is touching, striking, and visually addictive.

Our expertise in professional cinematography ensures nothing less than total satisfaction.

Image is everything.
Let us at Franky Films help your visions come to life.


Upcoming Projects

  • Producers - Francesco Giannini, Guinness Rider, Anne-Marie Jean
  • Novel Author - Anne-Marie Jean
  • Created by - Francesco Giannini, Anne-Marie Jean
  • Writer - Guinness Rider


TV Series

Evangelina lost the man who made her the woman she is today. Working hard to build a new life for herself she goes off to Harvard to study business. But Evangelina has a kinky side and attends the sex clubs of Boston.

She meets Philip a male escort. They grow to be friends; he becomes her rock and her sexual release. When she leaves Harvard and Philip to return to Montreal, Evangelina starts a business of hiring men like Philip to work for her and becomes Madam of the Underground.

She meets Tristan the owner of the club and they decide to work together. Everything she knows about keeping feelings out of the game changes. She is soon caught juggling all of her men, Tristan and Philip who comes back to work for her.

  • Writers - Francesco Giannini, Johann Saint Louis
  • Producers - Francesco Giannini, Johann Saint Louis

La Mort Des Hommes

Feature Film

À la veille du 350ième anniversaire de Montréal, et face à une mort annoncée, un facteur introverti--mais au centre de quatre destinées sur le point de se croiser--remet en question sa relation aux gens qu'il côtoie.

La mort des hommes, c'est Montréal au début des années 90. Officiellement, les préparatifs sont en branle pour les célébrations du 350ième anniversaire de la métropole. C'est avant les cellulaires; avant les courriels et l'internet. C'est l'époque où il y avait plus de salles de répertoire qu'il n'y avait de cafés. Mais avant tout, La mort des hommes c'est le récit de différents personnages qui--à l'aube d'un nouveau millénaire-- tentent de trouver leur place dans une ville en pleine transformation.

The Camera Guys
  • Writers - Francesco Giannini, Bianca Marrocco
  • Producers - Francesco Giannini
  • Story - Francesco Giannini, Bianca Marrocco

The Camera Guys

Feature Film

When three wedding videographers unknowingly tape an abduction at a mob wedding, they find themselves hounded by the CIA, threatened by mob guys, and (as per usual) terrorized by shrieking brides. A raunchy comedy about testing marriage vows, cultural differences, and finding one’s true calling, Videographers romps through wedding celebrations with unrelenting hilarity.

  • Writers - Costa Moshopoulos
  • Producers - Francesco Giannini, Costa Moshopoulos
  • Director - Francesco Giannini

It's My Time

Feature Film

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Struggling to get back his life after a long recovery from Bipolar Disorder, Paul is determined to prove his critics wrong and rebuild his life, remain positive and chase his dreams.

Facing the stigma that comes along with mental illness, Paul’s path to happiness remains an obstacle.

  • Writers - Francesco Giannini & Jeff Wood
  • Producers - Francesco Giannini & Franky-films
  • Director - Francesco Giannini


Short Film

Engrossed with the choices on the mobile data application, Jonathan seeks out, and makes a connection with a lovely young lady whose photograph he likes. Janice responds that she is also interested. Little do they realize they are both in the same waiting room oblivious, thanks to modern technology, to the physical presence of each other.

The Road of Dreams
  • Story & Writer - Francesco Giannini
  • Producers - Francesco Giannini, Ani Gurunlian

The Road of Dreams

TV-Documentary Series

Everyone has a dream. For some people, it’s about playing professional hockey. A few go as far as they can, and only a fraction of them actually make it. They’re living their dream come true; but what was their journey like, on the road to their dreams?

La Route des Rêves/The Road of Dreams is a documentary television series which focuses on different NHL hockey players, active or retired, associated with one of the seven Canadian teams. Each episode showcases a player’s life before his professional success; from what made him first pick up that hockey stick, to a major crisis when everything almost slipped away, how he overcame the adversity and through it all – never letting go of the dream.

  • Area of media - Web Series/ television
  • Producers - Daniel Harroch, Francesco Giannini
  • Director - Daniel Harroch

The Unemployables (Season 1)

Post production

The Unemployables (Season 2)

Summer 2014

Dan and Jason are two unemployable best friends, whose best friend works at an unemployment office. After having lost a bet to their best friend Ben, that they cant get jobs on their own without his help, Dan and Jason finally give in and seek Ben’s help to find jobs. In each episode of the series Ben sends the boys out to jobs in hopes that they will finally become employed. The two boys never make it past the training or first day of work. This is partially due to their incompetence as human beings, as well as their rivals the Bluetooth brothers, who constantly attempt to sabotage the boys chances of becoming employed.

Our Team

Redefining film production in this digital era, Francesco Giannini’s force is in creating striking, transcendent imagery. This young director and producer holds a degree in Sociology, Film Production and Communication and is also a classically trained actor. He has collaborated with production companies such as Marrone Films, Star Crossed Pictures, Incendo, Entertainment Fox, Dekade Productions, Radar Films, La Press Tele, MSG NewYork, and many more.

In 2010, Francesco joined forces with the brilliant team at Marrone Films, whose acclaimed reputation has been inspirational and influential to Francesco. Given the artistic freedom, over the last few years he has produced numerous projects of various genres such as web series, television shows, documentaries, and short films as well as corporate and music videos.

His first short film, The Race of Life, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 Short Films Corner. In 2013, Francesco started his own production company called "Franky Films" which allowed him to commit his full attention to Directing and Producing, while making his presence felt amongst talented individuals from the industry. His multidisciplinary background allows him to stay competitive and to face the challenges of today’s film and video production industry.

As a child, Riccardo Marrone was fascinated by video, and spent most of his time filming home movies with the family camcorder. At the age of 14, while vacationing with his family in Italy, he became inspired to capture the countries beauty on tape, realizing his interest in filming.

At the age of 19, he turned his passion into profession when he started Marrone Video in 1998 with his brother Domenic from their home basement. By combining storytelling with real-life situations in a unique cinematic form, Riccardo has become one of the top cinematographers in the industry.

In the past 5 years, Riccardo and Francesco have built a strong friendship. With their dynamic working relationship, unique vision and sense of storytelling, they continue to produce exceptional work.

A Cinema graduate since 1992, Johann St-Louis’ background and experience in the Arts and Entertainment sector are wide and varied. From theatre to film and television, he has performed in front of, as well as behind the cameras, through the various stages of pre-and post-production, and has worked both on English and on French productions.

Backed by this unique perspective in the field, he completed in 2006 a BA in Creative Writing from Concordia University. In recent years, he has particularly been focusing his time on fiction writing and screenwriting.

Johann St-Louis currently lives in Montreal and is working on a new feature. His written work has appeared in Soliloquies, Headlight Anthology, CV2, Descant and elsewhere.

Growing up, Bianca always found herself on the theatrical side of life; singing, writing and acting in countless productions beginning at the ripe age of 8. From there, her passion and creativity have only multiplied, writing and staging her first complete play at age 15.

She graduated with first class honours from Dawson College with a degree in Arts and Culture, where she learned the craft of screenwriting. She is currently studying Communications and Film Studies at Concordia University, she continues to write both short and feature length films.

A self-proclaimed T.V. nerd, Bianca has always been captivated by all forms of television programming and credits her quirky sense of humour to the television shows that have influenced every stage of her life.

Goal oriented and passionate about her work, nothing can stand in Bianca’s way of bringing thought provoking and captivating content to the big and small screen.

He is a multi-faceted and well experienced video editor. He began his videography & production career at the young age of 16 while he worked as a photographer, videographer and editor for an International aviation event. During that period, he worked with a well known producer of a aviation show for TVA Sports. His photos were edited in many major aviation magazines, blogs and websites.

Moving forward, he has now added production and editing of fashion, corporate and music videos. With over 5 years in editing he is very comfortable with any platform and is continuously experimenting new techniques which he adapts to create his own unique style. Always improving to move forward is his goal.

Surrounded by a team of highly experienced professional and passionate film makers at Franky films he enjoys the challenges of continuously outdoing himself.

Adam has always had a strong passion for theatre, film and television. He studied at Condordia and Trebas Institute downtown Montreal in film and television. He then edited and filmed weddings for two years, after that he moved to Ottawa. There he worked for Ontario television companies like TFO and GAPC.

He has traveled Canada working on a musician documentary with Espace Franco. Afterward he returned back to Montreal where he worked as a production assistant on the X-Men Film.

He has worked on many types of productions giving him a versatile experience background. He has knowledge and experience with all types of equipment. He is currently working at Marrone Films.

Deisy is a freelance make-up artist based in Montreal. She trained at Interdec College in Artistic make-up . Her experience includes make-up for fashion , video , print and special events. She has also successfully ventured into stage make-up for the Cirque Éloize , Marrone video and Franky Films.

She invites you to view her portfolio and learn a few tips through her blog miss-deisy.com.

Patizio Sanzari, a natural comic who comes from an Italian Family in Montreal . His expressive features and on-camera spontaneity comes from a solid background in theatre. He received his BFA in performing arts from Concordia University.

His Film and Tv credits include Rumours, 19-2, The Backup Man, Killing Ruth, The Race of Life and Impostors. He currently set to perform as the lead in Push Play being shot in Toronto the beginning of March. In addition to his acting talent he is currently working as a writer and producer with Franky Films.

Marjorie Langevin is an art director that works extremely well under pressure. She is creative, resourceful and organized.

Along with with art direction, her passions include producing and directing. marjorielangevin.com

Born and raised in Laval, Quebec. It is in 1984, at age 14, that Vincent picks up a pair of scissors for the very first time. Practicing on friends, he developed an interest in becoming a professional and at age 18, he decides to enrol at Académie De Coiffure de Laval. After completing his studies at the academy, he assisted many stylists at various well known hair salons in Montreal and Laval until 1994.

Obtain one’s hairdressing title at large, upscale salons require much patience and perseverance in perfecting the art of styling, cutting, and colouring hair. Therefore, Vincent participated in many competitions organized by the ABA of Montreal in order to gain inspiration, challenge, and practice. In 1995, he collaborated on his very first photo shoot- unbeknownst to him, his first of many as a new passion was born. Merely a few weeks later, he purchased his first 35mm camera and embarked on a new facet of the hairdressing industry which included styling and photography at once.

Thus, with 13 years of experience under his belt, and talent in photography and computers, Vincent opened his first salon named Bulle Coiffure in Laval . He then continued to excel in the art at the You N Style salon and is currently situated at Sadiva Coiffure situated at 3650 Boul. De la Concorde, Laval where he continues to shine in the art of cutting, colouring, and styling hair with passion and love.

Melanie comes to us with over 5 years of experience in unique lifestyle and event photography, and over 20 years experience in the arts - she is certainly no stranger to creativity!

She specializes in capturing the natural moments in the everyday, and adores working with people and making them feel at ease in the photographic experience.

With over 10 years of experience as a cinematographer, (Fiction, advertising, corporate) Wesley Mrozinski has worked around the world. (United States, Japan, Russia, France, Canada...).

His passion, social skills and professionalism makes him the perfect collaborator for any kind of production; from low budget projects to high-end shows. He worked on commercials for various brands such as Nespresso, Rémy Martin, Vuitton, Relais & Châteaux, Lexmark.

He has shot many music videos, short films and has already two feature films on his slate.

He founded Outland View Productions in 2012 with the commencement of his first produced short film ‘Ten Down’. His second produced short film, ‘The Stand’, directed by Francesco Giannini, is available for streaming online (www.vimeo.com/outlandviewfilms) and has been featured on filmshortage.com.

His third film, his directing debut, will be premiering in 2014. As well as his own endeavours, he has also acted in other short films and music videos. He is currently working on his first demo reel.

Jordano Aguzzi has worked in a variety of fields related to the film industry: direction, production, and camera operation. He currently works as a part-time cameraman and editor for the Montreal Impact (Impact Media) and is a graduate from Concordia in Communication studies with a specialization in film.

is a Montreal, Canada-based freelance writer, translator, critic, and illustrator, specializing in entertainment writing, storyboards, cartoon illustration, and film / television project development.

He's exhibited cartoons in Thailand and scripted seven science documentary shows for Discovery TV, among many other projects.

Christopher Grilli is a writer with over 10 years of experience. His passion for screenwriting began in college while he studied Cinema and Communications. He then went on to graduate from Concordia with a B.A. in English Literature, and is currently finishing up a screenwriting course at the New York Film Academy.

He credits watching many movies and regularly reading their screenplays in helping him develop his own style. His most recent script is a short, character driven Western. He's also currently working on a feature about African American oppression during the Civil Rights movement.

Christopher's drive is versatility; he wants to get his feet wet everywhere, and is a huge fan of networking and sharing ideas.

With a decade of experience in post production, Stephane has a deep passion for any digital and computer biased. Stephane started to work in corporate videos, and progressed to television programs.

He credits many of his skills to hours of video game and music playing in his youth.

Founder of the Montreal-based film production company, Guru Films, Ani Gurunlian partnered with Francesco Giannini to launch Franky Films. The momentum of this power duo has allowed the company to expand its repertoire of short films and commercial video productions.

As a producer and project manager, Ani oversees all legal and logistical aspects of making films. She has previously collaborated with Montreal film producers Vito Balenzano and Brenda Keesal for the independent distribution of their feature film Jack & Ella. She also joined Tommy Groszman at FAT Productions to help produce his featurette Saunders Farm.

Ani’s passion for storytelling led her to write her first original screenplay, Hot Soup. She continues to write, has a degree in English Literature, and approaches all her productions with precision and organization.

Consequently, every project she helps produce with Francesco Giannini is completed with care, artistic fulfilment, and satisfaction.

Daniel Harroch is an actor/filmmaker born in Montreal. Early on in his life Daniel had developed an intense passion for film. After having screened a copy of Stanley Kubrick’s clockwork orange at way too young of an age he was forever entranced in the endless possibilities of the film world.

After completing high school Daniel attended Dawson college where he studied cinema and communications, he than went on to continue his film education at Mel Hopenheims school of cinema (Concordia university) where he graduated with a BFA Major in Film Studies. While attending school Daniel worked as a video producer collaborating with many known artists such as Adventure Club, EpicMealTime, Klaypex, as well as many others. Daniel would also find time to constantly be performing, be it in plays, television, or film.

Daniels most recent project is a web series called The Unemployables, which is about two unemployable best friends, whose best friend works at an unemployment office.

Festivals & Screenings

Leonardo da vinci
  • Official Selection 2014
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society
  • Short film: The Prince
  • Official Selection 2014
  • Festival Internacional de cine independiente de elche
  • Short film: The Prince
  • Official Selection 2014
  • Milan International Film Festival
  • Short film: The Prince
  • Official Selection 2014
  • Canadian Film Fest
  • Short film: The Prince
  • Top 20 Finalist
  • 100-Hr Film Race, 2013
  • Short film: The Repairman
  • In collaboration with Marrone Films
  • Official Selection 2013
  • Film Shortage
  • Short film: The Prince
  • Official Selection 2013
  • Film Shortage
  • Short film: The Stand
  • Screened in all Guzzo theatres across Quebec during February, 2013
  • Cinémas Guzzo
  • Lukay’s music video: Dance With You
  • Official Selection 2013
  • Festival du Film International de Saint-Sauveur
  • Short film: The Race of Life
  • Official Selection 2013
  • Canadian Film Fest
  • Short film: The Race of Life
  • Official Selection 2013
  • Official Selection 2013
  • Évènement Court-Circuit
  • Short film: The Race of Life
  • Official Selection 2012
  • Rail City Roadshow
  • Short film: The Race of Life
  • Official Selection 2012
  • Cannes Short Film Corner
  • Short film: The Race of Life
  • Screened at the 2011 Montreal ComicCon
  • Short film: The Race of Life
  • April 2011
  • Short film: Sleight of Hand
  • 24-hr films fest
  • Awarded 3rd prize
  • Broadcasted on Musimax
  • Music Video: Chris Giannini
  • March 2010, in collaboration with 1890 Productions



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